A Quick Rundown of Recipes

A Quick Rundown of Recipes

Preparing Campfire Food for Kids

Camping is never complete without gathering around a campfire and roasting some of the favorite campfire recipes. When preparing your campfire recipes, it is always best to keep it simple, especially if you are preparing it for your kids. The simpler the recipe is, the better.

Smores and hotdogs are the traditional campfire recipes, but you can always be creative and prepare other food items for your kids. Your kids would love you if you are going to reinvent the way they eat their dinner while gathered around a campfire. Campfire recipes have to cater to all kids, even those who are very picky with their food.

Using a thin layer of dough, you can transform the traditional hotdog on a stick into a corndog campfire recipe. A pre-made biscuit dough can be used to wrap the hotdogs. The dough has to be thin enough so it can easily cook on the fire and not feel pasty. This can then be grilled over the campfire until it’s brown. With mustard or ketchup, you already have your perfect camping food.
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If not hotdogs, meatballs are the preferred food for picky eaters. You can always bring meatballs during camping and still create campfire food that’s easy to prepare. To ensure that your kids won’t be having a difficult time cooking their food and end up with indigestion, you can pre-cook the meatballs at home. You then wrap the meatballs in foil which can be reheated using the hot coals of the campfire. You may even add slices of carrots or potatoes to your meatballs to make it healthier.
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Contrary to what most think, eggs are not only intended for breakfast. You can also take it with you during camping trips as another campfire recipe. What you need is a Ziploc bag where you can dump all the ingredients for a scrambled egg and make sure that you have already oiled the inside of the bag. This can then be dumped in a pot of boiling water over the campfire and voila, you have your instant scrambled eggs.

There are other food items that can make a great campfire recipe. The only thing that would limit you from exploring other food items is your creativity. When preparing these campfire recipes, it would be best to consider how picky your kids can get when it comes to their food. Keep in mind that campfire recipes for kids should not be hard to prepare and shouldn’t take long to cook for their convenience. These campfire recipes are created as instant food items that can be cooked over the campfire without having to do a lot of preparations.

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