Health – Getting Started & Next Steps

Health – Getting Started & Next Steps

An Overview of Biological Dentistry and What Biological Dentists Can Do

Biological dentistry gives much focus on holistic approach. Practitioners who are into biological dentistry promote nontoxic dental restoration materials and good nutrition.

The use of toxic dental materials create significant effects to immune system and the rest of the body systems. This is what biological dentistry uncovers and tries to correct through an alternative and better practice. Treating root canals and cavitation using the toxic materials can actually lead to different health issues in the long run.

Amalgam fillings which are used in filling a dental cavity should be placed under water and remove it in a particular designed container. Once the material is removed from the tooth, it cannot be disposed with the other regular garbage. This should be disposed to a dump for toxic wastes. This just one of the many things that biological dentistry is concerned about.
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Biological dentists come up with better treatment that has no adverse effect to human body. Some of which are intravenous Vitamin therapies, intravenous sedation, acupressure, DAV vacuuming and powerful bio-magnets. All of these achieve positive results. However, you have to take note that different alternative treatment methods are used by various dentists.
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This kind of dentistry checks if the traditional dental treatments are valid and safe. The entire health of the patient should also be part of the responsibility of the dentists and not just about the gums and teeth. The patient’s body structure, cranial system and even nutrition should be considered before using an dental treatment. Whatever treatment a biological dentist applies, he or she ensures that the immune system and central nervous system will not be affected.

This dentistry also emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition for good dental health. Biological practitioners inform their patients that the use of refined sugar, white rice and processed white flour is not good for the health. As these are harmful to the physical health, these will also the same when it comes to the dental condition. For a healthier teeth, you must practice eating raw vegetables like carrots and other foods that has Vitamin C and bioflavonoid.

Also, they don’t see any good thing with root canal procedures as they don’t treat the infections leading to a poor health. For better treatment, biological dentistry comes up with colloidal silver, red heat lamps and sauna therapy. In case these don’t work, the tooth will be extracted.

Biological dentists treat gum disease using a nutritional program and better dental hygiene. Baking soda and peroxide can be used instead of your regular toothpaste. You will not hear these biological dentists to encourage you to use alcoholic and strong mouthwashes that can only irritate gums.

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