The Essential Oils Desk Reference Teaches the Proper Use of Essential Oils

The Essential Oils Desk Reference Teaches the Proper Use of Essential Oils

When most people are introduced to essential oils, they’re a bit overwhelmed since they really don’t know anything about them. Once they begin to read about them, and if they read the Bible, they’ll find many verses written about them. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. Today, more people than ever are beginning to study them, and will only order them from companies they fully trust. Some people take them internally if they’re advised by a person who has professional knowledge about them and shows them how to carefully use them.

This is one of the main reasons the essential oils desk reference is so important. In the book, especially for new people just getting started, it will explain which oils can cause serious sunburn if they’re massaged into the skin and the person goes out in the sun. It will explain which oils are Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the Federal Drug Administration if a person wants to use a particular oil in the preparation of food.

The book will explain which oils will help to calm a person and allow them to sleep, and it will also explain if there are oils that can be put directly onto the skin. Essential oils are very potent and should be blended with a carrier oil, such as apricot, olive, sesame, almond, or jojoba oils before massaging them onto a person’s body. Some people feel the proper use of essential oils can help every ailment, from backaches to ankle pain.

Of course, there are also warnings on how not to use them. The desk reference will explain why many oils shouldn’t be used on a child or pregnant woman. Once an individual begins to understand how to use them, they may choose to further their education about the oils so they can help others. Many use the oils as an alternative health care because they’re tired of taking prescription drugs that often just mask their health problems.

One wonderful oil, in particular, is lavender. It’s very soothing and may be applied to the skin when users get poison ivy. It’s used to help people get to sleep at night and is also blended with other essential oils to create a joyful fragrance. The desk reference is extremely helpful in explaining the intricate properties of the oils.

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