Tips: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Tips: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

The Bodybuilder’s Best Protein Friends

Proteins are termed as body-building foods. The simplest protein unit, the amino acid, is what builds up the muscle cells.
The amount of protein needed by a bodybuilder depends on the amount of activity being done and whether protein supplements are being consumed as well. Three quarters of a protein gram per body weight should be the minimum protein intake for any bodybuilder. The standard male body requires a daily net protein consumption of 120 grams.
Lean meats should be prioritized over the less lean ones due to higher protein content. Nonetheless, having outrageous courses on one’s menu such as ten eggs for breakfast is nobody’s dream. It is for this cause that protein supplements packaged in protein shakes have become very common among bodybuilders.

Protein shakes are available in varying flavors, which makes them much more popular than before. The protein shake supplements come in 2 broad classes which are: MRP (Meal Replacement) and Protein Shakes. Since the higher fat and carbohydrate content in MRPs adds more to the work of meeting the daily protein threshold, bodybuilders are not much enthusiastic about them. On the other hand, Protein Shakes have minimal carbohydrates and high-level protein, which makes them the preferred option.

Five of the many proteins in the protein shakes supplements form the cornerstone for a bodybuilder’s needs. The best way for a bodybuilder to gain maximum gain from these chief proteins is to analyze their benefits and see which combinations would work suit their needs best.

Whey, a dairy protein, is reported to be the best of them. Due to its rich endowment with branched amino acids, it is used as a standard against all other proteins. Nonetheless, pure whey products contain too much lactose, which causes difficult digestion and bloating.

Renowned for its trait of staying longer before being broken down in the stomach, casein is another one of these major proteins. Though slightly inferior to whey in its muscle-building capacity, it is considered the best protein during night-time. This is because it supplies the muscle cells adequately during the long rest.

Egg protein, though quite costly, is easily digestible and has good bio-availability. Though the egg protein has a good level of amino acid profile, the whey protein amino acid profile still remains way much ahead.

Genus protein is vegetable based, originating from the yellow pea. It contains the highest portions of glutamine and arginine, making it the best complement for whey. The low fat levels give the stomach an easy time to digest this protein.
Soy protein, is not a favourite at all due to its tendency to enhance fattening.

With the above knowledge, a blend of genus and whey proteins make the perfect buddy for the bodybuilder.

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